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                The company has its R&D cented and quality control center of powder paint with many seasoned technicians who devote into the research, development, manufacture and management to bring a pavonine world to the globe.
                The company not only has many pruduction lines of powder paint with advanced computer system to mix the colors and presently advanced supervising instruments, but also has a experienced team of technique management, which controls the quality strictly according to ISO standard. All of these have ensured the reliability and stabilization of the powder quality with “BESTAR” brand.
                The YT series with “BESTAR” brand contain more than 300 hundred varieties of epoxy resin powder, pure resin powder, polyurethane powder and painting powder .Powder paint is a new type compound materials, which production and painting dressing technique, painting dressing equipment involve several high and new techniques such as micro-electronics, laser light, elecrtome chanical with a promising future. The powder paint does not use solvent, and is processed with 100% solid materials, witch can reduce the pollution, improve the environment protection and safeguard the health of the operators. Besides, the spary technique of powder paint is quite simple with 99% rate of utilization of materals, easy to be produced automatically, therefore it can save the energy dramatically and increase the labor productivity.
                The powder paint produced by this company has been exported diretly or indirectly to more than 100 countrise and areas. With precise, scientific and advanced management methods to control the quality and with perfect service system, the company has won the recognition of the clients home and abroad. The product we offered and it design can help our clients all over the world to improve the manufacture efficiency, reduce the costs and improve the product quality.


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